Domestic Violence & Family Law

Adult and Child Orders of Protection

(Commonly known as Restraining Orders)

MMLS is dedicated to protecting those most vulnerable in our communities: adults and children who are survivors of domestic violence, including physical battery, sexual assault, harassment and stalking. Our attorneys provide full representation to those individuals who need assistance in obtaining orders of protection, which is often the first critical step in ending a pattern of violence and creating a path to recovery.  We are trained to provide compassionate, solution based advocacy and representation when dealing with these sensitive matters.  MMLS also maintains a close working relationship with other agencies in the community that provide extended services and counseling for those who have experienced domestic violence.


Family Law

MMLS seeks to establish and protect the custody and visitation rights of our clients in a variety of cases. Our attorneys provide representation to eligible individuals in cases involving divorce, paternity, guardianship, adoptions and adult and child orders of protection. Furthermore, representation may be available for custody modifications, family access motions, child support modifications and juvenile proceedings for those in specific circumstances.

Our program seeks to present the court with our client’s perspective of the case, while presenting an individualized custody proposal that best serves the interests of the child involved. Our attorneys explain the court process to our clients and educate them as to how judges make decisions about custody, property division and child support.

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