City of Columbia is Resuming Utility Service Disconnections

The City of Columbia is resuming utility service disconnection for non-payment of delinquent accounts on October 5, 2020. The City had suspended disconnections due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but customers still owe for the utility services used during that time.  The City can disconnect services for delinquent bills after giving five days’ written notice to the customer’s billing address. The City can disconnect services between 8:00am and 4:00pm on the date specified in the notice or within a reasonable time after that date. If you owe a City of Columbia utility bill, make your payment today or contact the City in order to avoid a potential service shut-off on October 5, 2020. Call 573-874-7380 or email

Even if you do not remember seeing a notice, you still may have been served the 5 days’ notice if the City has record of mailing you notice. It is much easier to deal with your utility bill before services are disconnected and before you owe a re-connection fee. If you are not current on your utility bills, you should make a payment or contact the City of Columbia Utilities Department before October 5, 2020.

What if I dispute the amount due? Contact City of Columbia Utilities Department, 573-874-7380 or email to make a complaint. You must make payment of the non-disputed amount within 3 days of registering your complaint or you waive your right to continuance and the City can disconnect your services.

What if I can’t afford my bill or I want to set-up a payment plan? Contact the City Utilities Department before October 5, 2020 for information on utility assistance and payment plans. Call 573-874-7380 or email for more information.

What if I am experiencing a medical emergency? Contact the City Utilities Department, 573-874-7380 or email, as soon as possible. If a discontinuance of utility services will aggravate an existent medical emergency, the City should postpone the discontinuance of services for up to 21 days.

City of Columbia Press Release:

City of Columbia Utilities FAQs

City of Columbia Discontinuance of Services Ordinance:

If you do not live in Columbia and 1) you are a customer of Ameren Missouri, you can read about your rights at; OR 2) if you are an electric co-op member or receive utility services from your City, contact your utility service customer representative to ask about possible utility assistance and payment plans.

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